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The benefits of Hydrotherapy

For centuries, Hydrotherapy has been used to relieve stress, soothe aches and pains, aid the recovery process for muscles, to provide relief for rheumatic diseases and to support overall wellbeing. Hydrotherapy and Hydromassage have a number of Health and Wellness benefits:

Physical Wellbeing:

Hydrotherapy can provide exceptional relief for muscle soreness and stiffness. The benefits seen of being immersed in warm water include:

- Relax and release tight muscles to soothe muscle soreness and provide relief for those with chronic pain;

- Reduce tension through hydromassage

- Relieve pressure off your skeletal system using natural buoyancy and ease pressure on the joints

- Relieve joint pain from conditions such as Arthritis by opening up the blood vessels and improving circulation.

- Reduced back pain and increased back flexibility.

For those using hydrotherapy to rehabilitate from an injury or a medical procedure like surgery, the low impact environment can be a safe and effective way to regain strength and range of motion.

Mental Wellbeing and Self Care:

Hydrotherapy can support your mental health and wellbeing by:

- Improving sleep patterns through raising the body temperature, with the subsequent drop to normal temperature encouraging the body to ‘slow-down’ and be more ready for sleep

- Bringing the two systems of the autonomic nervous system in balance, triggering a similar state to light meditation

- Providing an environment for relaxation and spending time with family and friends and for practising self-care on a regular basis.

How to optimise your Hydrotherapy regime:

- It is recommended to complete a body scrub to remove dead cells before beginning your Hydrotherapy/Hydromassage session;

- Whilst you begin to feel the benefits in the first five minutes of immersion, the ideal duration of a hydromassage is between 15-20 minutes. However this can depend on the water temperature and it is recommended that you limit to 10 minutes for the first few sessions in order to let your body become accustomed to the treatment:

34°C - 36°C: 20 minutes

36°C - 38°C: 15 minutes

38°C - 40°C: 10 minutes

- Try combining your hydromassage with aromatherapy, using one of the products specifically designed for use in your hot tub.

- You could look at combining your Hydrotherapy session with some water-based resistance exercises.

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