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One of the largest hot tubs in the Jacuzzi® range and known as ‘the entertainer’s hot tub'.  The J-495™ is made to be shared, with space for up to nine people.

Nothing was overlooked in the creation of this extra-large hot tub. The J-495™ hot tub is equipped with our most sophisticated jet technology yet, with 71 PowerPro® jets covering the hot tub. Perfect for sitting back and immersing yourself in the best of both worlds; great company and your own customisable hydromassage. No compromises.

Health Benefits

With a full four corner seats, enjoy various hydromassage experiences that target key muscle groups and provide a calming environment for others soaking in the hot tub. Aquilibrium® technology provides the perfect blend of air and water to maximise its effectiveness in relieving aches, pains and stress

Energy Efficiency

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are designed and built from the ground up to maximise energy efficiency, meaning you can focus on what’s important: enjoying the benefits of true hydromassage and settling into a state of true relaxation.

All our Jacuzzi® hot tubs go through vigorous testing by CEC (California Energy Commission), and they have found that on average our hot tubs are 22% more efficient than the strict standard’s they set.

Jacuzzi’s patented Clearay® Active Oxygen water purification system uses the natural cleaning power of active oxygen to destroy waterborne pathogens and contaminates. As a result, a Jacuzzi® hot tub will use up to 50% less chlorine or bromine than a similar size spa, making the water kinder on your skin helping to reduce running costs in the long term.


Jacuzzi® J-495iP includes SmartTub®

  • Overview

    DIMENSIONS: 231 cm x 279 cm x 95 cm (110.5cm at back)


    LOUNGER:  No

    SMARTTUB® included as standard



  • Finance Options

    Novuna Finance Packages available including 0% Interest Free on all Jacuzzi Models. 

    Finance subject to approval.  Terms and Conditions apply. 

    For more information Contact our Showroom Team Today!


PowerPro® Jets Collection

Powerpro MX.jpg

PowerPro® MX

MX Jets deliver maximum volume at a higher air-to-water ratio to deliver a bold massage to muscles in the lower back.

Powerpro BX.jpg

PowerPro® BX

The comforting yet rejuvenating bubbling effect massages the calves.

Powerpro FX Large.jpg

PowerPro® FX Large

Focussing on the middle of the back to relieve tension and muscle strain, the spiral action massage promotes better circulation.

Powerpro RX.jpg

PowerPro® RX

The spinning RX jet delivers comforting relief to the back and shoulders, utilising the highest performance hydro-massage.

Powerpro PX.jpg

PowerPro® PX

Perfect for small muscle groups in the wrists, hands & legs, the gentle pulsating massage can be adjusted for different rates of flow.

Powerpro FX Directional.jpg

PowerPro® FX Directional

Designed to relieve tension and improve circulation, this spiral action directional jet delivers a bold, targeted massage.

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