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The SOUL6000™ is the largest Swim Spa in the Sun & Soul Collection. 

It is the perfect swim spa for relaxation and exercise. It has seating for five, hydrotherapy, and room for play or exercise.

All Sun & Soul ™ spas feature chromotherapy and multicolor LED lighting. Chromotherapy creates an environment that focuses on health and harmony

SUN & SOUL® 6000™

  • Overview

    Dimensions:  588 cm x 230 cm x 150 cm

    Filled Weight:  9,792 KG

    Lounger:   Yes


  • Finance Options

    Novuna Finance Options are available including Buy Now Pay Later.

    Finance subject to approval.  Terms and Conditions apply. 

    For more information Contact our Showroom Team Today!


PowerPro® Jets Collection

Powerpro MX.jpg

PowerPro® MX

MX Jets deliver maximum volume at a higher air-to-water ratio to deliver a bold massage to muscles in the lower back.

Powerpro BX.jpg

PowerPro® BX

The comforting yet rejuvenating bubbling effect massages the calves.

Powerpro FX Large.jpg

PowerPro® FX Large

Focussing on the middle of the back to relieve tension and muscle strain, the spiral action massage promotes better circulation.

Powerpro RX.jpg

PowerPro® RX

The spinning RX jet delivers comforting relief to the back and shoulders, utilising the highest performance hydro-massage.

Powerpro PX.jpg

PowerPro® PX

Perfect for small muscle groups in the wrists, hands & legs, the gentle pulsating massage can be adjusted for different rates of flow.

Powerpro FX Directional.jpg

PowerPro® FX Directional

Designed to relieve tension and improve circulation, this spiral action directional jet delivers a bold, targeted massage.

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